High quality named calendars in a range of formats, which can be individually personalised as promotional materials: Create a promotional calendar from over 500 images, which are befitting of your industry. A range of calendar models ensure that the calendar is suited for every occasion, e.g. as a Christmas, birthday or trade fair gift. Thanks to the personally printed name, each calendar is a real eye-catcher!

Kalender mit Namen als Tischkalender sind auf jedem Schreibtisch ein echter Blickfang.

Ein ganzes Jahr lang Freude bereiten - mit dem günstigen "Einsteiger" kein Problem.

Praktisch, quadratisch, gut – das ist die Kalenderbox für den Schreibtisch!

Der A4-Kalender ist ein eindrucksvoller Wandkalender mit Bildpersonalisierung.

Ein echtes Allroundtalent – der 3-in-1-Kalender mit abtrennbarer Postkarte als Tisch- oder Wandkalender.

Der 3-Monats-Tischkalender als personalisierter Namenskalender.

Mit Bildpersonalisierung wird der 3-Monats-Wandkalender zum persönlichen Geschenk.

Mit dem Familienplaner ist die Organisation in der Familie ein Kinderspiel!

Individuelle Kalender mit Formen, Formaten und Laufzeiten nach Ihren Wünschen!

Mit unserem Schoko-Adventskalender die Vorfreude auf Weihnachten genießen.

„Der Große“ hat ein beeindruckendes Format und überzeugt auch als Kalender mit Namen.

By adding a printed name or lettering it is possible to transform every calendar model into a named calendar. Usually, the name of the recipient is set in an image in a photorealistic form, making it part of the picture. The unique results combine emotion and personal appeal: One of your business partners likes to play golf and always holidays in the USA? For him, the New York skyline with his name shaped in the clouds would make an ideal page in the calendar. Or a photo of a perfect green, in which he can read his name.

Even in a time of Smartphones and electronic calendars, desk and wall calendars, advent calendars and family planners are still in high demand. The personalised variant makes a great gift or a high quality promotional article. The best thing with the named calendar is that you do not have one hundred calendars printed with the same name, but rather that each of these can be individually personalised. In other words with one hundred different names for one hundred of your customers! Larger print runs are naturally also possible.

There are many different forms and formats of calendars with image personalisation. Here, you really are spoilt for choice because a multitude of images are available for selection with the various calendar models:

Unsere schönsten Namenskalender im fotorealistischem Überblick!

Very simple: You choose a calendar model and then select the appropriate images. Provide us with a list of the names that you wish to have printed on the calendar images. It is naturally also possible to integrate your logo on request.

We take care of the individual data printing and the calendar packaging in our house. Our competent team offers all services from a single source - fairly, transparently and at an economical price! On request we can send the named calendars directly to your customers on a prearranged date. Allow us to generate a non-binding quotation for this!