A4 College Block

"Not without my notebook" - even in a time of Smartphones, tablet PCs and laptops, the majority of us wouldn't be entirely without a notebook. We offer personalised notebooks in A4 format for business and personal use, which stand out from the conventional variants due to personal name printing on an attractive front page image. The personal notepad is additionally appealing due to the appearance of the owner's name on each page of the pad. Personalised notebooks are not only the perfect gift for employees and commercial partners, they are also a highly popular promotional article amongst customers.

For you, placing an order for the notebook is child's play - simply enter the chosen names and selected images in an Excel file and send the list to us. We will take care of everything else! As a one-stop-shop, we take care of the printing, packaging and postage of the notebooks for you. As such, fifty of your customers can receive fifty different personalised notebooks with fifty different names - larger print runs are also possible, as is the additional printing of your logo. Look forward today, to bringing particular pleasure to your customers and commercial partners with this great idea!

  • Size: A4
  • Scope: Plastic cover sheet + Personalised cover page + 50 page contents + Cardboard back
  • Material: Plastic cover sheet: PVC 300 μm
  • Cover page: 300 gsm art printing, glossy
  • Internal pages: 80 gsm white
  • Cardboard back: 400 gsm Multicolor Mirabelle white
  • Printing: Cover: 4/0 colour with image personalisation
  • Inside: 1/1 colour black with printed name (text)
  • Finishing: Trimmed to size on 4 sides, Wire-O bound

Personalised notebooks belong on every desk

Almost no office can exist entirely without paper. There is always something to be written down or notes to be taken - the personalised A4 notebook is therefore an indispensable assistant on many occasions. The A4 notepad is also recommended for personal use - be it for making shopping lists or class notes. Personalised A4 notebooks are the ideal promotional gift for customers, friends and commercial partners who can't be without one!

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