Personalised QR codes for smartphone PURLs

Smartphones and Apps are enjoying increasingly popularity. The small, practical assistants not only allow the user to receive weather forecasts by mobile phone, or facilitate mobile communication via social networks; they have also been in use for some time now for mobile marketing, which has become a vital component of dialogue marketing. Because data protection terms complicate direct contact with Smartphones, the Smartphone usually acts as a return channel and means of response. The technical interface between the customer approach and their response via Smartphone is the QR code.

What is a QR code?

The letters QR stand for Quick Response. This encompasses a two-dimensional matrix code, also referred to as a 2D matrix code. Characteristic with the QR code are three distinct black squares. In the QR code it is possible to encode up to 4,000 alphanumeric characters. It is therefore possible to generate a personalised QR code for every individual recipient of a mailing during mailing production.

How can QR codes be used for mailings?

If one scans the QR code with a Smartphone, the QR code is recognised by a special, freely available piece of software on the phone. The software immediately navigates the user to an internet site (landing page), without it being necessary to enter the address manually.

It is possible to house a wide range of content on this landing page. Be it a pre-completed response form, a business card, a promotional video or a complete micro site. Because digital possibilities are without limits. Thanks to the personalised code you will see precisely who has accessed the contents, when and for how long.

You receive the following complete package for a price of €990:

  • Technical implementation of a 2-stage Smartphone screen with personalised welcome and info screen as well as thank you screen
  • Interactive response function (web form for user inputs with automated updating of your database)
  • Automatic email messaging with a user response
  • Evaluation of the campaign after completion (transfer as a database)
  • Generation of the QR codes for printing
  • Link to your primary offering

How can you order the integration of personalised QR codes and the technical implementation of the Smartphone landing page for your mailing?

The same applies here as to all mailings: Supply us with the graphic and database; we'll take care of the rest. We require the graphic design for each individual mobile website in an uncompressed raster format, e.g. as PSD or TIFF file.

For a surcharge we would be delighted to offer you:

  • Three-stage or multi-stage process, additional branching
  • Integration of personalised images
  • Address entry function for customer recommendation

Let us know your requirements and we will furnish you with a personal quotation.